Thursday, October 18, 2012

Numero Uno

Why the junk cant I thinkof anything t say? I have writers block out the wazoo.  I am trying to type without looking at my hands, it is very hard. I am also trying to minimize the use of the backspave button (shoot@) but I am using it sometimes. Otherwise this thing would be completely illegible.

Ao I am starting small.  Jim Carrey carried around with him a million dollar check as motivation to make it big someday.  Sheldon from Big Bang Theory celebrated (in a way) when he hit 100 Twitter followers. If I hit 10 people who have seen this I’m going to host a circus.  Big time celebration.  With fleas and everything (catch the circus reference…no… I move on)..

The real purpse of this blog for thetime being (maybe forever) is to cure this writer’s block I have. Chris G. (not even trying to typ[e his last name without looking) talks in one of his blog posts (link…here: about writing, just writing for writing’s sake, and how that invariably makes youa better writer.  Makes sense to me, so I’ll give it a shot. He says a thousand words a day.  Well that’s fanstastic, but there “ain’t no way” that’s happening here.  That’s a lot of words!  I don’t know if I even think that much, much less be able to write it all down. So no words goals here, for now at least.  I’m starting with legibility and typing speed.
(The blog link? Yeah, cut and pasted that one :)  )

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