Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ruminations on Life

- You can turn a cucumber into a pickle, but you cannot turn a pickle back into a cucumber.

- The best way to fix a problem is to not have it.

- (Driving across Mobile Bay) "That's a lot of water." "It is. And that's just the top of it. There's water all underneath there too."

- What are you trying to accomplish?

- Answer the question.

- An old fella told Papaw he had 13 years of experience. Papaw said nah, he just had one year of experience 13 times.

- Food is my friend.

- There's attitude, ability, and experience. Experience is the least important. Attitude is the most important, but without the ability, attitude won't matter.

- There are urgent things and there are important things. It is important to do the important things and not always the urgent things. Sometimes the most important things are the least urgent things.

- People have to trust what you say, that you'll give them the right answer. That way, when you need the benefit of the doubt, people will give it to you.

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