Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Major Blockage

So tired..... so sleepy..... so blocked!!!  Sooooo writer's blocked. It is back and has attacked with a vengence.  Why am I still awake and not in bed??? All bc of this stupid dang writer's block.  I need 18 lines, I have 3.  18 lines is not very much.  and it HAS to be done tonight.  WHY can't I get the words on the page??? Do the means to stimulate word creation even exist in my head??? bluh. arg. pltttttthhhht.  My brain has turned to mush.  This does not bode well in my attempt to generate 18 lines of text before I go insane.  how will this get done? What do I do? I have exhausted all snacks, coffee, and other remedies to get WORDS INTO my head so that they can then come OUT OF my head and onto the page (or screen in this case). thinkthinkthink, but don't think, stop thinking, because this is NOT hard, and yet... so incredibly hard.  tick tock tick tock I want to go to bed, but these lines have to be written.  time vs. the page.  Who will win? Time always does.

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