Thursday, November 8, 2012

Change is A'Comin' (it's already here)

Two states (Colorado, Washington) legalize recreational marijuana use. First time ever.

Two states (Maryland, Maine) legalize gay marriage at the ballot box. First time ever.

I must be an old fogie, or closed minded, or out of touch, or out of the loop, or clueless, or stupid.  But these changes really make me scratch my head.  I have a hard time understanding the shifts in our culture, but my question in understanding really isn't in the shift itself, but more in the why of the shift. What is it that is causing our culture to change so rapidly?  It's important to always view things through the longview of history, to analyze past times (and not just those from our lifetimes) and realize that our problems, issues, and concerns aren't necessarily new under the sun. But it is important to ask why, and to want to understand the cause (or means) of change, not just the effect (or consequence).

As an aside, I'm currently reading "Common Sense"  by Adam Smith, the 18th century pamphlet released during the American revolution. On the way to Japan (where I am now) I read a short account about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian.  Both facinating reads, thoroughly enjoyable, and highly recommended.

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